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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 64.7922307° N 14.120154° W

This river is the only notable salmon river in the Eastfiords of Iceland. It has a vast catchment area with three rivers, the Nordurdalsa, Tinnudalsa and the mother river, Breiddalsa. A notable smolt stocking program has been started along the lines of the Ranga stocking programmers. This is said to assure an annual catch of 300 to 500 salmon while before 100 to 150 salmon was the norm. Apart from the salmon, there is a lot of sea char in the Breiddalsa, mostly in the lower part. Many are of fine size, 2-4 pounds. Non migratory trout are in the upper reaches and the upper part of the Breiddalsa has some fine early summer brown trout fishing.
At Breiddalsa is a first class lodge for anglers, and the salmon beats will be fished with six daily rods.

Breiddalsa in Icelandic

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Nearby Breiddalsa

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