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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.8780556° N 22.2530556° W

About Gullborgarhraun

During the relatively short eruption 2,600 years ago, the lava field, its caves and the symmetric scoria crater Gullborg were created. This interesting area is located near the farms Sydri-Raudamelur and Heggstadir in the Hnappadalur District.

Sagas of IcelandThe caves, decorated with stalactites and lava ropes, were rediscovered in 1957. Signs of earlier entries, or even human occupation, were discovered at the same time. Cave explorers have to contact the people at the farm Heggstadir for entrance, as the caves were declared inviolate soon after they were rediscovered.

No one really knows, who might have occupied the caves in the past, but some have suggested outlaws and others have referred to the Sturlunga Saga and involved a man named Aron Hjorleifsson. He was one of the many followers of bishop Gudmundur Arason on the Grimsey Island off the north coast on the polar circle, when the Sturlungar dynasty attacked. He fought bravely and barely escaped. The Sturlungar sought him afterwards all over the country and he stayed for a short time in hiding in the lava field. In the past, people knew of the so-called Aron’s Cave, but it was forgotten and lost.

Gullborgarhraun is on West Iceland Saga Trail

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