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Gvendareyjar Islands

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.0641104° N 22.5593924° W

About Gvendareyjar

Islands Gvendareyjar are located off the Skogarstrond Coastline. A man named Thormodur Eiriksson (1669-1741) lived there.

Sagas of IcelandHe was considered to be a magical poet and a scorcerer and the mythology placed him among the most powerful of his kind. He was said to have been the mentor of Magic Loftur, whose life and fait are well described in legends.

Many of Thormodur’s envious collegues sent ghosts and spirits to harm him, but he managed to magnify them and send them back or get them into the ground. According to the legend, demons did the rowing for him when he went fishing.

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