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Klakkeyjar Islands

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.1344444° N 22.5891667° W

About Islands Klakkeyjar

Islands Klakkeyjar are just north of Island Hrappsey. Among them are Island Skarda (closest to Island Hrappsey), Litliklakkur (54m) and Storiklakkur (71m). The two last mentioned are the highest of the innumerable islands of the Breidafiord Bay and were also named Dimon Klakkar. The Dimon Cove, also called Eric’s Cove, was used to hide Eric the Red’s ship, when it was prepared for the voyage to Greenland and according to a legend it was hidden under the branches of the trees of the island.

Sagas of IcelandThe Farm Registry of 1705 states that the Dimon Klakkar were abandoned at the time, but inhabited earlier. Island Baejarey, just northeast of Dimon Klakkar, was inhabited and still show clear farm ruins and a patch of a home field. Islands Klakkeyjar are a breeding area of a few bird species. Among them are rather tame shags, which are visited regularly by excursion boats.

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