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Stadarfell Church

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.1167° N 22.2° W

Stadarfell is an ancient estate and a church site of County Fellsstrond. It is situated at the foot of the precipitous slopes of Mt Stadarfell. Mt Yztafellsmuli nearby offers the best panoramic views of the Dalir District. At its foot are the remains of a forest in the care of the Icelandic Forestry Service. In the early 2000’s the farmer and his wife donated the estate for the establishment of a domestic science school, which was later turned into a rehabilitation centre for alcoholics.

Sagas of IcelandFor decades on end the farmer there operated a telegraph and a telephone station and a post office. During the latter part of the 11th and the early 12th centuries the farm was occupied by Mr. Thordur Gilsson, the father of Hvamms-Sturla, the ancestor of the Sturlungar Dynasty. In 1808 the farm houses went up in flames and a big library and the winter provisions of the people were lost.

The Stadarfell´s church belongs to the Hvammur benefice of the Dalir deanery. The catholic churches were dedicated to the apostle Peter. The present church was constructed of wood and consecrated in 1891.

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Stadarfell is on West iceland Saga Trail 

Stadarfell in Icelandic

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