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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.246° N 21.8046° W

This is an excellent 2-3 rod sea char river with some hope of an odd salmon. More than 1000 chars and up to 70 salmons are caught there during a good season. The river has been leased to two Icelandic actors for several years.

The valley Hordudalur offers nice surroundings. It is named after a crew member of one of the settlers, who gave him the valley for his own farm. The valley forks into two other valleys, Laugardalur and Vifilsdalur. At the long abandoned farm Laugar the swimming pool of the region is situated. According to the history of the valley there has never been a church there, only a prayer chapel at the farm Dunkur. There is a new lodge on the river.

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