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Jorfi farm in Valley Haukadalur

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.053396° N 21.535412° W

Jorfi is a well known farm in Valley Haukadalur, where popular annual festivities were organized until the early 18th century. The last few celebrations went out of moral control and a magistrate put a permanent stop to them. The result of the last Jorfi Fiest was at least 19 children born out of wedlock. The people of the Dalir District recently started annual celebrations by the same name, but on totally different notes.

Sagas of IcelandMt Jorfahnjukur protrudes behind the farm. One winter in the far past, a traveller asked for accommodations for himself and his horses, but was denied the favour. As he rode away angry, he told the farmer not to be surprised if the space in his horse stable would become vacant before the year was over. The next year, at about the same time, his horses were spooked and ran up the slopes of the mountain, where they skidded on the ice and plunged to death.

Jorfi in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Visit West Iceland

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