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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.008221° N 21.7679° W

This excellent salmon river is one of Iceland’s best. It is a medium volume river and although rather short, it is fished with five daily rods. There are many pools so the river withstands the pressure. In 1997 the fishing dropped to a historic low just over 300 fish. But 1998-2003 saw a fine upswing in fortunes with a catch of some 900 salmon. The Haukadalsa has a luxury lodge with a complete board and staff. It also has a good stock of sea char, yet they rarely are caught in the salmon sector. They push on fast through the river, enter the lake and run the Upper Haukadalsa which flows into the lake. The Upper- Haukadalsa is a popular trout beat.

Haukadalsa in Icelandic

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