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Haukadalur West Iceland

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.035851° N 21.5797922° W

Valley Haukadalur is rather wide and well vegetated. It contains a trout lake and the nice salmon river Haukadalsa. In the past, the valley floor was well wooded, but only a few trees remain nowadays. From the farm Hamar on the southern side of the valley, the sun cannot be seen during a 25-week period in winter.

Sagas of IcelandThe most renowned historic site of the valley is the farm Eiriksstadir (Eric’s Farm), where Eric the Red lived until he was exiled from the country and sailed to Greenland, where he resettled. His son, who left with his parents, grew up there to the age of six. He, of course, was the discoverer of North America in the year 1000, Leif the Lucky.

Haukadalur is is on West Iceland Saga Trail

Haukadalur in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Diego Delso

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