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Mt Trollakirkja, Holtavorduheidi

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 64.955956° N 21.1958683° W

About Trollakirkja

Mt Trollakirkja is a high and a prominent mountain on the Holtavorduheidi Moorland at the southern end of the Strandir District.

Sagas of IcelandBefore and during the Age of Settlement the ogres and trolls of the area assembled there to discuss their reaction against the increasing influx of humans in the country. Most of them were peaceful creatures, which gradually gave in and moved away as greater parts of the country were settled, especially after Christianity was accepted by law in the year 1000.

The ogre of Mt Trollakirkja remained in her cave until shortly after the church at Stadur on the Hruta Bay was to be consecrated. The same day she rode down the mountain towards the church and stopped within range from it. There she took a big boulder and threw it in the direction of the church to crush it and its contents. She missed and the boulder landed in the horse pen and killed four animals. Christianity spread rather fast all over the country and the remaining ogres and trolls moved further and further north in the Strandir district. They did not leave much evidence of the existence behind, but at least we still have the topographical names to remind us of them and prove that they existed.

Trollakirkja in Icelandic

Troll lives in Iceland

Photo Credit: Eysteinn Guðni Guðnason

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