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Holmavik 112 km |Bordeyri 4 km<-Stadarskali-> Bifrost 58 km (R-1)| Hvammstangi 34 km (R-1) | Blonduos 81 km (R-1)

Stadarskali, Hrutafjordur

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.1512° N 21.1392° W

About Stadarskali

Stadarskali is a larger service centre, N1 petrol station,  a restaurant and tourist Information  (N1 Filling station). There are many interesting places to visit in the vicinity, good salmon rivers, trout- and char lakes in the highlands. Stadarskali was located at Stadur before.
Stadarskali is a crossroad when travel to North Iceland Strandir and to Borgarfjordur area


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