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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.3457° N 21.2540° W

Fell is a farm on the end of bay Kollafjordur in the “Strandir” district. The farm’s land is large in area and fertile. In earlier times, spiritual and worldly aristocrats lived there, among them the first settler of the area. His name was Kolli.

A beautifully shaped mountain named “Klakkur” rises above the community and can be seen from far away. Waterfall “Svartfoss” in the valley “Husadalur” is a well known landmark from the fishing grounds of bay Hunafloi.

Sagas of IcelandFarm Fell was the abode of the district magistrate in the latter part of the 18th cencury, when Mr Halldor Jakobsson (1735-1810) moved there. He was an outstanding historian, but unreliable, addicted to drink, and a bully. He was blamed for not watching the outlaw “Mountain-Eyvindur” well enough after he escaped from his custody at Fell. According to word of mouth, Eyvindur hid in a cave behind the waterfall Svartfoss for a time, because he was favoured by the magistrate’s wife, Astridur. He was a handy man and had made a few things for her.

A few buildings stand a short distance from gully “Fellsgil” and river “Fellsa”. Farm Fell was a church site in earlier times, until 1906, and has an interesting cemetery. The churches at Fell were dedicated to St. Olaf the holy, king of Norway, in catholic times.

Fell is on Saga Trail Strandit

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