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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.3513° N 21.2932° W

Feykisholar is an abandoned farm in Valley Hvalsardalur in the Strandir District.  The topograpical name Church Mound (Kirkjuholl) on the property suggests a prayer chapel or a church there in the past.

Sagas of Iceland According to the legend, a ghost impregnated the farmers daughter, foretold her accidental death and that their son would become a priest.  He would meet his fate  during his first services in front of the altar of the Feykisholar Church.  There he would turn the evangelium to the devils words and the church would sink unless someone would pierce him with a sword tempered in holy water.  The priest was pierced and the church did not vanish, but according to the prophesy of the ghost, it burnt down soon afterwards.  Nothing remained of the priest but three drops of blod.  An old coneshaped wellhouse, constructed of turf, stood on the property until recent times.

Feykisholar is on Saga Trail Strandit

Feykisholar in Icelandic



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