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Prestbakki Church, Strandir

Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.31974° N 21.223881° W

This church belongs to the Prestbakki benefice in the Huna deanery. This estate has been a church site since the year 1100 and a parsonage from Sagas of Iceland1711. The former churches stood on the same foundations within the old cemetery until 1874.

The Catholic churches were dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The present church was built during the period 1954-1957. It was consecrated on May 26th 1957. Among its belongings are two old and melodious bells, an old harmonium, and a nice pulpit from 1957. The altarpiece depicts the Easter evening in Emmaus.

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Prestbakki Church is on Saga Trail Strandit

Prestbakki Church in Icelandic

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