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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.150447° N 21.093° W

The Post and Telecommunications Administration decided to erect a memorial of the rural postmen at Stadur (Stadarskali now at n1 gas station) on the Hrutafiord Bay and it was unveiled on May 13th 1993.

Sagas of Iceland Stadur was the largest rural mail centre in Iceland for a long period of time. No less than six postmen were arrived at Stadur on the 15th of every month of the year. The mail services consisted of the Southern mail, the Akureyri mail, the Stykkisholmur mail, the Kroksfjardarnes mail, the Strandir mail and the Nupsdalstunga mail. 

Regulations relating to postal communications in Iceland were issued in 1776, but postal communications between North and South Iceland did not commence until seven years later. Both Stadur and Melar on the Hrutafiord Bay are old postal delivery stations. Letter collection occurred at Melar as of 1873 until 1875, when it became a mail delivery post and remained so until 1879, when it was moved to Stadur. Postal delivery remained there until 1951 and thereafter letter collection for many years. The farmers at Stadur initiated the erection of the memorial to the overland postal service of bygone year.

The memorial is the work of the sculptor Grimur Marino Steindorsson. It consists of a 3,5 m high steel column branching off at the top into three prongs. The pillar has a bas-relief of a mounted man leading a packhorse. The Machine Shop Orri made it and the Stone Masonry was made by S. Helgason.

Postment Memorial is on north Iceland Saga Trail

Landpostur in Icelandic