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Stadur Church

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.150447° N 21.093° W

This church belongs the Prestbakki benefice in the Hunavatn deanery. Stadur is a farm, a church site and a guesthouse in the Stadur County on the estern side of the Hruta Bay. Catholic churches there were dedicated to the Holy Mother. The wooden church with its steeple and quire loft was built in 1884. It seats about 80 persons.

Sigurdur Sigurdsson, the father of the poet Stefan of Hvitardalur, was in charge of the carpentry. The church was restored thoroughly in 1950. Among its precious belongings are wood carvings on the eastern gable above the altar and the altarpiece, painted on wood boards, depicting the last supper. Stadur was a parsonage until 1885 and again between 1904 and 1920.
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Stadur Church in Icelandic

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