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BJARG, Grettir Asmundarson

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.3159523° N 20.8117814° W

Bjarg is a farm just east of River Midfjardara, rather high up in the slopes.

Sagas of Iceland One of the strongest, bravest, and cleverest outlaws, Grettir Asmundarson, was born there around the year 1000. He was a naughty child and killed his first opponent when he was fourteen. The killings continued as his enemies constantly attacked him. He had almost served the 20 years’ exile without leaving the country, when he and his brother, Illugi, were killed with sorcery on the Drangey Island in the Skagafiord Bay in 1028. His killers took his head to his mother, Asdis, and it probably was buried in the so-called Grettisthufa in the meadow near the farm. The Grettis Saga is available in many languages and reads like an exciting nove

Bjarg is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Bjarg in Icelandic

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