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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.448175° N 20.7168817° W

This church belongs to the Breidabolstadur benefice in the Hunavatn deanery. The catholic churches there were dedicated to John the Baptist. The present towerless, wooden church was built in 1879. It has a wooden crucifix on the front ridge and a belfry above the door. It was the private property of the farmers until 1959. Among the valuable properties of the church are the pulpit (17th century) and the old altarpiece with a picture of Christ on the cross.

Sagas of IcelandThe Rev. Olafur Hjaltason (1500-1569), who served the church, later became the first Lutheran bishop of the northern see at Holar. He was much favored by the last catholic bishop of the see, who later excommunicated him, when he turned against the doctrine catholic church. He had Passio by Corvinus printed, of which only one copy exists in the University Library in Copenhagen. It is among the oldest books printed in Iceland.

Vesturhopsholar is on north Iceland Saga Trail

Vesturhopholar Churce in Icelandic


North Iceland Saga Trail



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