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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.6181° N 20.65688° W

Hindisvik is the northernmost farm on the Vatnsnes Peninsula. This abandoned farm stands in the shelter of steep cliffs on a cove by the same name. Outside the mouth of the cove are islets and skerries and the panoramic view across the big bay toward the Strandir District is excellent on a fine day. This area has been protected for a long time and the seals in the rookeries there are very tame and curious. Hindisvik offered great advantages to its occupants in the past and was a trading post in 1924.

Sagas of IcelandRev. Sigurdur Norland (1885-1971) served the Tjorn Deanery 1923-55. He was peculiar in many ways and fluent in many languages. When he was close to eighty, he took refreshment courses in Hebrew and Greek in the University in Reykjavik. He was a good poet and composed quite a few poems in English according to the Icelandic custom. A book, “A Few Poems”, appeared in print in 1965. He promoted Hindisvik as a future harbour for the fisheries and trading and spent some of his own money to promote the idea. His horsemanship was well known and his so-called Hindisvik Breed was well appreciated.

Hindisvik is on Saga Trail Iceland Saga Trail

Hindisvik in Icelandic