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Svinavatn Lake

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.632° N 20.279° W

About Svinavatn Lake

Lake Svinavatn has an area of 12 km². It is situated 123 m above sea level and its greatest depth is 38,5 m. Its greatest length is 11,1 km and width 2,1 km. Two rivers, Sletta and Svinadalsa, feed it and its discharge is Upper-Laxa, which connects it with lake Laxarvatn. The permits are valid along a shoreline of 2,3 km belonging to the farm Mosfell. There is no limit to the number of permits sold per day.

The main catch is lake char, brown trout and every summer a few salmons are caught. The best fishing spots are along the cliffs and at the mouths of the brooks. The lake char and the brown trout are usually 2-3 pounders, but up to 6-8 pounders are landed every now and then.

No roads or tracks lead all the way to the lake except to the southwest side. According to the legend it is not recommended for clergymen to cross the lake on ice.

The distance from the capital is about 243 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.

Fishing card:

Svínavatn is located in Húnavatnshreppur, A- Húnavatnssýsla, near the town of Blönduós.

Distance from Reykjavík and the nearest township
The lake lies approx. 240 km from Reykjavik, taking Highway 1 through the Hvalfjarðargöng (Hvalfjordur Tunnel). It lies approx. 9 km, from the highway, disembarking at the Highway 724 junction.

Information about the lake
Svínavatn rises to 130 m. above sea level, covering just about 12 km2. The deepest point is 30 m.

Fishing area
The fishing area varies during the season. It is compulsory to check in at Hotel Hunavellir, where one can acquire necessary information and maps that point out where fishing is allowed at that period of time.

Hotel Hunavellir provides bed and breakfast service, as well as campsites and cheap bunks (sleeping bag facilities). Information can be acquired at, or by telephone at (+354) 453-5600 or 898-685. Hotel Hunavellir provides excellent facilities, including a swimming pool and hot tub.

Fishing potential
Brown trout is the most common catch, yet char can be expected as well.

Daily hours
Fishing is allowed from dawn to dusk.

June 1st and August 31st.

All bait is allowed: Fly, worm and lure.

Best time of the year
There is an equal distribution throughout the season.

Littering and off-road driving is strictly prohibited. Please have the Fishing Card handy when landlord visit.

Contact / landlord
Grímur at Reykir Tel. 892-4012 and Jón at Stóra-Búrfell Tel.: 868-3750 / 452-7133

Fishing card only costs 9.900 ISK.

Svinavatn lake in Icelandic

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