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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.4667° N 20.3333° W

Farm Haukagil in Valley Vatnsdalur derives itsn name from a synonimous gorge, which was named after two berserks according to the Vatnsdaela Saga, both called Haukur.

Sagas of IcelandThey terrorized the the people of the valley and violated women or demanded money and valuables for a long time from the defenceless farmers on pain of duels. They howled like dogs and bit the edge of their shields, crossed buring fires barefoot without any harm to themselves until bishop Fredrick the Saxon (see Stora Gilja) sprinkled the fire with holy water, which burned them sufficiently for the farmers to slay them by stoning. They were buried in the Haukagil Gorge afterwards

In 1801, terrible weather struck the area with great losses of sheep. After he had finished the domestic chores, he went to attend to the sheep and did not come back. Those who went to look for him found him frozen to the ground barely alive and he expired on the way back home. Two hundred were lowst and never found again expect for a few found the following spring. Above the farm Haukagil a small forest of conifers and othe few of other species of trees was planted in 1927.

Haukagil is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Haukagil in Icelandic



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