Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.55932° N 20.050379° W

This is an average volume river, a tributary to the Blanda. The Svarta is a three rod river with a well equipped self catering lodge. It is a fine salmon river, which has consistently produced 250 to 550 salmon in a season.

Often, large fish are caught in the Svarta, 20 to 24 pounders. One of the best pools on the Svarta is the confluence pool with the Blanda. It is often swarming with salmon and it is a thrilling sight to see at dusk late in the summer, when they start jumping ceaselessly all over the junction and often, a large number of them enters the Svarta.
The river Svarta (Black River) tributary to the Blanda river wear route no 1 and Kjolur F35 highland route connects.

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