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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.4313889° N 20.2980556° W

Grimstunga is an estate, a former church site and a parsonage in the southwestern part of the Vatnsdalur Valley in the Huna District. The estate is large and for a long time the farmers there have bred among the largest livestock’s of sheep in the country. The most frequented route between this part of the country and the Borgarfiord District in the West passed through the valley and the interior moorlands, Grimstunguheidi and Arnarvatnsheidi. Nowadays people use the main road across the moorland Holtavorduheidi.

Sagas of IcelandDuring the Saga Period Ottar Thorvaldsson lived at Grimstunga. His son, Hallfredur the Trouble Poet, was among the best poets of the period. His Saga tells us about his gift, endeavours in battles and love life. A Saga to be recommended.

For centuries on end, Grimstunga was a church site and a parsonage. In 1849 the parish was united with the so-called Undirfell’s Parish and since then there have been no churches there. Catholic churches at Grimstunga were dedicated to God and St. Nicolas. Many of the priests and Rev. were long-lived and served for many decades. A father, a son and a grandson all served as Reverends for a total of 161 years. One of their relatives also became a Rev. at Grimstunga. He was an alcoholic and soon lost his office and died as a poor vagabond.

Grimstunga is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Grimstunga in Icelandic

Picture: Mt Vatnsdalsfjall