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Vididalsa, Fitja

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.2799° N 20.58° W

About Vididalsa

This is one of the top rivers, producing a thousand salmon in 1998 and at least 5000 sea char. This river can be even more productive and has given 1400 to 1600 fish in an extreme top season. People are expectant of such a season in 1999, as the grilse runs of 1998 were good and the smolt leaving during that summer were numerous and healthy. This is a 6-7 rod river and has a very good tributary, the Fitja. It is also one of the main rivers for ultra large salmon by Icelandic standards. We are then speaking of


fish in the 18 to 26 pound region. Fish up to 30-32 pounds have been taken in recent years. The Vididalsa has a fine lodge with full board and lodging.  The lodge has recently been improved a great deal to add to the anglers comfort. The Vididalsa has a sea char section close to the estuaries as many other rivers in the north. In fact it does not empty into the sea but a huge half saline lagoon. The char fishing can at times be incredible and the fish have a good average weight.

Vididalsa Fitja in Icelandic

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