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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.3159523° N 20.9217814° W

One of the top rivers in Iceland and in fact a river system consisting of three tributaries and a mother river. The mother is the Midfjardara. First the Austura and the Nupsa come winding away from their respective moorlands and unite. The name Austura prevails as the river enters a valley of lush farmlands. Then, some ten kilometres from the sea, the Vestura unites with the Austura, from a third set of moorland lakes and wetlands. When the Austura and Vestura become one, the name Midfjardara takes over.

This is a ten rod river system and in few if any salmon fisheries in Iceland do anglers have more space. The Midfjardara has a great lodge with staff and board. The Midfjardara has a productive sea char fishery in the final two kilometres before it enters the North Atlantic. Some of the char are large, 5 to 7 pounders.

Midfjardara in Icelandic



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