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Vatnsdalsa River

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.4667° N 20.3333° W

About Vatnsdalsa

The main section is a six rod fishery and the only river with a compulsory catch and release policy. It is controversial in Iceland but Its followers maintain that it is catching on. The main section is a 600 to 1000 salmon fishery and some of Iceland’s biggest fish are taken from the river. The biggest in the country for 1998 was caught here, estimated at 29-30 pounds. The main section has a fine lodge, newly improved. There are two other beats here, a one rod beat between the falls high up in the valley.

It has a separate self catering lodge. It is not particularly suitable for fly fishing so it is kept apart from the main section. This beat produced around 1000 salmon in 1998 and 1999 which is not bad. Then there is a trout section lower down in the valley and in the lake near the estuary. There are 10-12 rods in the trout section and is a great place to fish. Apart from some 2000 plus trout ranging to 8 pounds or so, the beat produces annually some 100 to 150 salmon. Year 2020 came over 1000 salmon again.

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Vatnsdalsa in Icelandic


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