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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.660092° N 20.0796587° W

River Blanda is divided into four angling areas. Area one stretches from the Ennisfludir rapids to the sea. Area two stretches between the rivulet Breidavatnslaekur and the access road of farm Aesustadir. Area three continues from there to the outlet of the Blanda Hydroelectric Power Station. Area four continues from there to the south. See fishing Statistic

The second angling area of River Blanda stretches between the pump-house of farm Breidavad and the first boulder dyke by the access road to farm Aesustadir on the eastern bank and the sign opposite on the western bank. It is a four rod area, two below or north of the access road to farm Moberg and two to the south of these limits.

The third angling area streches from River Svarta bridge to Svartibakki in the west. The uppermost line is drawn about 50 metres below the junction of the discharge from The Blanda Hydroelectric Power Plant.
Two rods are permitted there during the day. The anglers are obliged to log the catch in the anglers lodge at Moberg at the end of each day

The forth angling area stretches from 50 metres below the outlet of the Blanda Hydroelectric Power Station into the northernmost part of the Blanda Canyon as far as the salmon travels.

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