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Blonduos 23 km < – Skagastrond -> Lakes on Skagi | Varmahlid 74 km | Saudarkrokur via Skagi (Rd 745) 98 km


Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.8442° N 20.3080° W
Weather: °C, Wind at km/h, % Humidity
Population: 498

Skagastrond has been a trading centre since the late 15th century. Today it is a thriving fishing port with seafood processing plants. The people of Skagastrond have quite often shown their pioneering spirit to enhance the property of the village and its surrounding area. They were the first Icelanders to build a fully equipped factory trawler despite facing pessimistic opposition which called the project “dreamboat”. Today many of the Icelandic trawlers are factory vessels.

One person, Mr. Hallbjorn Hjartarson, “The Icelandic Cowboy”, showed a remarkable initiative in promoting American country and western music. He further operated, at his own expense, a radio station playing only country and western, and for years on end, he held a “Country Festival”, which attracted visitors from all over the country and from abroad. Actually it can be said that he developed his own culture in Iceland’s musical life.
His legends came to a end after he was charged with something?

Fishing in nearby lakes and rivers is plentiful, which also attracts many visitors.


Skagastrond in Icelandic

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