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Hof Church

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.909975° N 20.31033° W

This church belongs to the Hoskuldsstadir benefice in the Hunavatn deanery. Hof was a parsonage in Skagastrond, about 9 km to the north of the fishing village Hofdakaupstadur (Skagastrond).

Sagas of IcelandNearby are ruins called Godatottir, which might point all the way back to a pagan temple. During the Catholic Period the churches were dedicated to King Olaf of Norway.

The church at Spakonufell was annexed to the Hof’s church. The parsonage was abolished in 1907 and its parishes united with the Hoskuldsstadir parish. The present, wooden church was built in 1876. Its outer walls are sheltered with a sheet of concrete and the roof with corrugated iron. The church has no steeple. Instead a crucifix is fastened to its ridge. The old pulpit is decorated with the pictures of the apostles. The old altarpiece depicts the resurrection (probably by an Icelandic artist).

Churches in Iceland with Historical and Cultural Interest 

Hof Church is on Iceland Saga Trail

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Hof Church in Icelandic

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