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Arctic Coast Way – 2, Skagaheidi

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.0085° N 20.2080° W

This part of the country is not frequently travelled although the gravel road around the peninsula usually is in
relatively good condition. Most people do not realize what they are missing by not making the detour from road #1. Anglers, however, who are familiar with this area, feel the growing impatience before each coming fishing season, and start preparations well in time. Some of the lakes are not easily accessible by regular vehicles and some fishing spots are only accessible on foot.


In 2008, two polar bears appeared in North Iceland in June! (Skagi area). This species had not been spotted on dry land here since 1968.
In 2016, one polar bear appeared in North Iceland in July at Skagi area. More polar bear have been seen in Skagi area according to local people.

The polar bear is usually shy but dangerous when confronted or attacked. Polar Bears are looking for food, so stay away from them.

Lakes on Skadaheidi

Skagastrond has been a trading centre since the late 15th century.

Blonduos lies on the western and eastern banks of River Blanda, and Road #1 runs through across the river.

Arctic Coast Way – 1. Vatnsnes

Arctic Coast Way –3 Saudarkrokur – Hofsos – Siglufjordur


Nearby Arctic Coast Way – 2, Skagaheidi

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