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Arctic Coast Way – part 1 – Vatnsnes

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.9733° N 20.23° W


This mountainous peninsula between the bays Midfjord and Hunafjord is well worth exploring, worth a 100 km detour from road no. 1. The lowland areas are limited except on the western side, where most of the farms are situated.
En route (gravel road) along the shoreline, with your eyes open, the traveler should not miss the great number of common grey- and harbor seals near their rookeries on the cliffs off the west coast, the myriad of different bird species, and the natural sculpture Hvitserkur off the eastern shoreline.

Hvammstangi Village on the Midfjordur bay is a commercial and tourism centre for the county, and has been a trading post since 1846. Hvammstangi is a good starting pound for Arctic Coast Way.

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Arctic Coast Way – part 1 – Vatnsnes in Icelandic

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