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Mt Tindastoll

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.8333° N 19.75° W

About Mt Tindastoll

Mt Tindastoll (995 m) is about 18 km long and a prominent mountain north of the town Saudarkrokur on the western side of the SkagafJord Bay. In earlier times the inhabitants of the Laxa Valley called it Mt Eilifsfjall (Mt Eternal).

Sagas of IcelandAccording to the legend every last weekend in June some wishing stones emerge from a small lake on top of the mountain. Only a few of those who have attempted to find them have succeeded. Once a young girl was up there alone at the right moment. She was not familiar with those regular events and seized one of those colourful stones and held it in her hand. At the same time she accidentally wished to be participating in the world’s finest feast. The next she knew, she stood in a magnificent palace and a man approached her. He handed her a golden chalice, which she took and wished she were back by the lake. There, she threw the stone into the water not to be tricked by it again. She took the chalice to the Reverend of her parish and received three estates in the Skagafiord District as a payment.


Most of those, who climb the mountain, are not looking for the wishing stones, but want to enjoy the healthy practice and the marvellous view from the top on a fine day. The walk is rather strenuous over a distance of about 6 km (up and down). The ascent is about 650 m and the time about 3½ hours. The climbers have to drive up road # 745 and turn of to the west of the farm Skard and follow the northern banks of River Hraksidua, where the walk begins at Skogarhvammur. The path is marked all the way up to the cairn on top of the peak Einhyrningur (The Unicorn; 795 m) on the southeastern part of the mountain.

Tindastoll is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Tindastoll in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Christian Bickel fingalo



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