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Reynistadur Church Farm

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.6696756° N 19.5685996° W

About Reynistadur

Reynistadur is a farm and a church site, approximately 10 kilometres to the south of the fishing town Saudarkrokur.

Sagas of IcelandIts original name was “Stadur on Reynisnes”. Earlier it was a mansion and the seat of an earl (Gissur Thorvaldsson; 13th century).

A catholic convent was established here in 1295. Its operation continued until 1552, and gathered earthly wealth. After the reformation, Reynistadur frequently was the seat of district magistrates and the agents of the church properties.

One of the 18th century mysteries of the central highlands of the country is related to Reynistadur.

The Reynistadur church was built of wood. The pulpit is located directly in front of the altar, like in four other churches in the country.

The restored sod farmhouse has an old and original door. The restoration was finished in 1999.

Sod farms and churches dating back to the 18th century

Reynistadur is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Reynisadur in Icelandic


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