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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5415° N 19.2650° W

Flugumyri is a farm and a church site in the Blonduhlid County. The present church was consecrated in 1930.

Sagas of IcelandAmong the prominent inhabitants of Flugumyri was the settler Thorir Dufunef, who settled between Mt Glodafeykir and River Djupa. His farm was named after a precious mare, Fluga, he owned, probably the fastest horse of its time. Another celebrity, Gissur Thorvaldsson, who became the first earl of the Norwegian kings after Iceland lost its independence, lived there for a while.

During that period, in 1253, an army of his enemies attacked the farm after the wedding of Gissur’s son, Hallur, and Ingibjorg, the daughter of Sturla Thordarson the historian. The household and many guests were celebrating, when the farm suddenly burst into flames. Many were permitted to leave, but about 25 lost their lives. Among those were Gissur’s wife and three sons. He, however, managed to hide in a barrel of whey and later he managed to break his enemies and become the most powerful man of the country.

In the early 19th century, Flugumyri was the seat of the seat of the district Md. A domestic science school was operated there for three years, 1880-82. At the foot of Mt Glodafeykir in the proximity of the farm are inviolate ruins of a fort from the ancient past.

Flugumyri is on north Iceland Saga Trail

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