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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5415° N 19.2550° W

About Orlygsstadir

Orlygsstadir is a historic site in the Blonduhlid Area in the Skagafiord District.

Sagas of IcelandThe only remaining traces of the past are ruins of some kind of houses and a fence around them in a boggy area and there are no sources to indicate a farm there in the past. The Sturlunga Saga tells us about the second bloodiest battle of the so-called Sturlunga period there on the 21st of August 1238, when 50-60 men were killed and villainy was committed against those who sought inviolability in the church at Miklibaer.

The three most powerful dynasties of the country had fought for power for decades and the struggle peaked in this battle, which turned out to be the most fateful one for the country. When travelling in the Skagafiord district to absorb the events of this important Saga area, it is impossible to miss visiting Orlygsstadir, is now signposted on the main road.

Orlygsstadir is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Orlygsstadir in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Skagafjörður

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