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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5333333° N 19.3° W

The long abandoned farm Haugsnes in Blonduhlid is a historical site on the plains near River Djupadalsa in the Skagafiordur District.

Sagas of Iceland It was a farmstead for centuries in the past, when the most bloody and fatal battle of the Sturlunga age in the 13th century took place there. Two rival chieftains lead their armies together there on the 18th of April 1246. They ruled the northern part of the country, one the western and the other the eastern part and both wanted to expand their rule.

Thordur kakali, the ruler of the eastern part, had the upper hand in the battle, and executed his opponent, Brandur, on a spot of the plains, Rodugrund, where a crucifix was erected in his memory.

The Sturlunga Saga describes the battle in some detail and alleges, that no other battles of these unsettled times had claimed so many human lives.

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