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Vidimyri Church

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5388791° N 19.4709074° W

The church at Vidimyri (Skagafjordur) is considered to be “The purest example and the most beautiful keepsake of the Icelandic architecture” according to the words of one of the country’s foremost archaeologists and its fourth president. The timbers of the church were selected from the driftwood spreads of the Skagi County and the turf from the lands of Vidimyri. Most of the timber is original, but the turf has been renewed. The churchyard gate with its bells is situated exactly where it was in the beginning.

Sagas of IcelandThere are many artefacts from the older churches remaining in the present church, which was built in 1834 and consecrated in 1935. The pulpit dates back to the earliest churches and the altarpiece is Danish, from the year 1616. During the times from the acceptance of Christianity, the women were supposed to share the northern side of the churches and the men the southern part. The poorest were supposed to sit in the back and the richest closest to the altar. In this instance, the family of the Vidimyri farm sat on the northern side of the choir during services.

The parsonage Vidimyri is closely connected with the development of the Icelandic history and Sagas. This farm was owned and seated by one of the most important and powerful dynasties of the country, the Asbirningar, during the Saga period. One of the country’s most remembered and renowned bishops during Catholic times served there before he became a bishop at Holar, the northern see of the country.

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