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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.8109° N 19.6405° W

The Gretti’s Saga tells us about the almost five years Grettir the exiled, his brother Illugi and the slave Glaumur spent on the Drangey Island. Once the Sagas of Icelandslave had neglected watching the fire and it burned out. In the evening Grettir prepared for the long swim to the nearest farm, Reykch fire. When he eventually arrived there, he was cold and tired and relaxed for several hours in a natural hot pool. Then he entered the farm and found everyone asleep. He found a place to rest and lay down stark naked and fell asleep.

He was wakened by a maid and the farmers daughter, who had entered the room, where he slept. They immediately recognized him and wondered why such big, strong man had such a small penis.

The maid came closer to inspect and then turned back giggling to the farmers daughter. Grettir seized her by the arm and told the women, that his tools had proven satisfactory on many occasions regardless of their size. To prove his point he had sex with the maid, who soon stopped screaming and eventually left the room totally satisfied. Grettir then went to find the farmer, who agreed to take him and the fire back to the island.

The pool, where Grettir relaxed, disappeared in a storm in 1934. In 1992 the farmer and other interested parties excavated it and built a stone wall on it s northern side to shelter it from destruction and the bathers from the cold northerly wind. All who bathe there declare it very healthy and relaxing.

Grettislaug is on north Iceland Saga Trail

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