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Arctic Coast Way 3 Saudarkrokur via Hofsos to Siglufjordur

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.894698° N 19.3733455° W

Saudarkrokur is a town on the Skagafjordur bay. Fishing and fish processing are the main bases of livelihood, but light industry and services to the neighbouring farming area also contribute thereto. Two islands on the bay, Drangey and Malmey, are within a close distance and sea cruises are on offer to Drangey with its sheer cliffs, where one can climb to the top under supervision of experienced guides. Mt Tindastoll is just north of town. A special sightseeing tour along the mountain slopes takes you to a hot spring on the coastline where there is an abundance of driftwood, and multicoloured pebbles. Like other inhabitants of the Skagafjordur district, the people of Saudarkrokur are ardent equestrians and their devotion to the sturdy Icelandic horse is notorious. Each year an annual equestrian festival is held near Saudarkrokur and Varmahlid. It attracts visitors from all parts of the country and abroad. And visit on route Holar in Hjaltadal 

Hofsos is a small, friendly village on the eastern shores of the Skagafjordur Bay and one of the oldest trading posts in Iceland. Trading commenced here over four centuries ago and remainders from this long period of trading can be seen in “Pakkhusid” (the Warehouse), which was built in 1772, close to the end of the Danish trade monopoly (1785) and has since been restored. Don´t forget to visit Kolkuos

town was called the world capital of the herring fisheries in the sixties. Since the herring diminished the inhabitants concentrate on the old stocks and fishing and fish processing are still the main trades. One of the biggest fish meal factories operates there and tourism plays an increasing role in the economy, especially after the opening of the tunnels from Olafsfjordur and the restauration of most of the old houses in town and don´t forget Folk Music Centre at Siglufjordur

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Nearby Arctic Coast Way 3 Saudarkrokur via Hofsos to Siglufjordur

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