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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.06396° N 19.1733455° W

The former hamlet Haganesvik in the Fljot County is situated on a synonymous cove.

Sagas of IcelandThe old dmain route passed through there along the shoreline and logically a service and a trading centre developed there. It became a certified trading post in 1897. Prior to that, two merchants ha been trading from the farms Hraun and Yzti-Moi from 1879 and 1890 respectively. The county people, however, preferred trading in the villages Siglufiord and Hofsos and mostly purchased their necessities there. The merchant at Hraun moved his post to Haganesvik and shortly afterwards the Grana Society took over the business. It founded the Co-operative Society of Fljot, which did not last very long, and another co-operative took over in 1919. It built warehouses, an abattoir and a freezing plant. The harbour conditions are to say the least unsafe as the harbour faces the open sea. It only accommodated small vessels, preferably small enough to be pulled out of the water. Mail collection started at Haganesvik in 1896 and in 1929 a post office was opened. A telephony and telegraph station started operations in 1910. A cultural community centre was built there and a guesthouse was operated for a while. A chess society was founded in 1930. It developed into a debating society, which eventually became a youth society. The lowest lying areas down by the sea always have had the most difficult snow conditions during winter. Therefore people started looking for easier transport routes higher up and eventually a new road was built further south, where it is now. The present service centre of the county is now situated on the crossroads leading to the fishing town Siglufiord and through the pass Lagheidi to the town Olafsfiord. The only remaining activity in the abandoned hamlet is the freezing plant.

In 2006, the tunnelling project Hedinsfjardar-tunnel (Siglufjordur-Olafsfjordur) was officially started. In  Hedinsfjardar-tunnel was opened for public 2nd of October 2010

Haganesvik whase also main port for looking for hearing from air

Haganesvik is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Haganesvik in Icelandic




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