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Icelandic Emigration Centre

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.8975° N 19.4126° W

The Icelandic Emigration Centre in Hofsos

At the Icelandic Emigration Centre in Hofsos there is plenty to interest the visitor: a fascinating historical exhibition on the Icelandic emigrants, an information and genealogy centre, library, lecture hall, and a souvenir shop. The centre is run by the company Snorri Thorfinnsson ehf., which bears the name of the son of Thorfinnur karlsefni and his wife, Gudridur Thorbjarnardottir, settlers in Vinland (America), who is believed to be the first European child born in the New World. One of the principal goals of the company is to strengthen the ties between the Icelanders and the descendants of the emigrants to the New World.

Vesturfarasetrið HofsósDear Visitor! You are about to begin a journey back in time. On your way through the old cooperative store, you will learn about Iceland in the period 1870-1914, and Icelandic emigration to the New World. You will discover how people lived in Iceland, why they chose to emigrate, their journey across the Atlantic ocean, and their lives in their new homeland. Bon voyage!

  1. Iceland in the 19th century, population, numbers of emigrants, natural conditions. The first to leave are Mormons, and emigrants to Brazil.
  2. The background and preceding causes of the emigration. Propaganda for the emigration, and opposition to it. Changes in trade, and how it affected the emigration.
  3. Agents and their role.
  4. Agriculture in the 19th century. Preparations for departure.
  5. Society in metamorphosis. New options for those who wanted a new way of life.
  6. Life in a fishing village.
  7. Changes in the economy in 1870-1914. Innovations in agriculture, development of the fisheries, industrialization and urban development.
  8. Fishermen’s shack.
  9. Emigration. How the emigrants left Iceland.
  10. Aboard an emigrant vessel. Conditions on board.
  11. A log cabin. The settlers’ first home.
  12. America, land of opportunities. Icelandic communities, conditions and standard of living.
  13. Icelandic settlers in the New World. Neighbours, work, old customs in a new environment, publications, and renowned Icelandic immigrants.
  14. Souvenir shop.
  15. Lecture hall.
  16. Library.
  17. Genealogy Centre. Information.
  18. Exhibition room for temporary exhibitions.
  19. Leaving Iceland to BNA
  20. Vesturfararsetrid in Icelandic

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