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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.00276° N 19.3733455° W

Lake Hopsvatn has an area 1,15 km². It is rather shallow and is situated at 2 m above sea level. River Flokadalsa empties into it and the discharge, Sandos, spills into the sea. Lake Flokadalsvatn has an area of 0,78 km² and is situated at 15 m above sea level.

River Flokadalsa flows through it to lake Hopsvatn. Both lakes have the same stocks of fish and the catch consists of sea trout and sea char, 2-3 pounders, and lake char, brown trout and the occasional salmon. A fishing lodge stands just east of the lakes, close to the farm Minni-Reykir and the lakes are easily accessible by car. The distance from the capital is 388 km by the Whale Bay tunnel and 112 km from Akureyri.

Flokadalsvatn in Icelandic