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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.03396° N 19.1733455° W

Is a high Northland river. Rather big by Icelandic standards and at one point dammed for electricity production. The river is fished with four daily rods and the catch varies from 50 salmon in a very bad year to over 300 salmon in an outstanding year. This river, as most in these regions, is known for big fish and salmon of over 20 pounds are taken every season.

The Fljotaa is also one of Iceland’s major sea char rivers and during top seasons several thousand char have been taken. As a rule, when the char hordes are at their largest, the average weight goes down a bit. This river is mostly fished by local anglers, but visitors will have no problems in obtaining board and lodging at nearby farmsteads.

Fljotaa in Icelandic

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