Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.947° N 19.4126° W
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This farm is situated on Lake Hofdavatn in the Hofdastond County, District Skagafjordur. It was a church site and a parsonage for a time.

Sagas of IcelandThe first settler, Hofdi-Thordur Bjarnason, lived there. His great grandson was Thorfinnur Thordarson, who was among the first European settlers in North America in the early 11th century. He and his wife, Gudridur, had the son Snorri during their short stay there. The family moved back to Iceland and lived at the farm Glaumbaer in Skagafiord after their return.

A grave with the earthly remains of five men was discovered just south of River Hofdaa in 1952. They showed signs of a battle or an execution and can probably be traced back to a battle between the Icelanders and English traders or fishermen in 1431.

Lake Hofdavatn is the largest lake of the Skagafiord district, 10 km², just east of the Thordur Promontory. To the north and south the lake is separated from the sea by low gravel isthmuses and it abounds with trout and char. Plans for a large harbour for large freighters and fishing vessels were made, but were never realized.

Hofdi is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Hofdi in Icelandic

Picture: Headland Thordarhofdi.