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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.1515153° N 18.9974629° W

About Siglunes

Siglunes is the northernmost point between the bays Siglufiord and Hedinsfjordur. Above it rises the 581 metres high Nesnupur and towards the end of Siglufiord are the very steep scree slopes Nesskridur.

Sagas of IcelandIn earlier times, the main settlement on the Siglufiord bay was on Siglunes, where fishermen from all over the country concentrated for shark fishing. Other species of fish were also important.

In 1613, an avalanche claimed 50 lives, when the people were gathered in the church, and the year after it was moved across the bay to the spit of land called Hvanneyri. Off the coastline of Siglunes are dangerous cliffs in the ocean called Hellur. Nowadays Siglunes is abandoned, but just east of it, at the mouth of the valley Nesdalur, is a remote farm, Reydara, still occupied.

Siglunes is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Photo Credit: Navaro

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