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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.6300° N 20.2796° W

This is a small volume two rod river. It has a small self catering lodge. It is also Iceland’s finest river when salmon caught per rod are counted. Recently the season has been prolonged to 100 days and some seasons saw 1200 salmon taken.

It was a great improvement from the two seasons before, yet this river usually goes over a thousand fish and frequently achieves 1800 salmon, which makes 9 Salmon per day during the 100 days’ season. The river has run up statistics like this during a 90 day season. No Icelandic river comes close although most of the top rivers have a great catch ratio during the prime time of the season.
To day is Laxa 4 rod river.

Laxa in Asum in Icelandic

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