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Audkula Church

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5093246° N 20.0310379° W

This church belongs to the Bolstadarhlid benefice in the Hunavatn deanery. Audkula was a parsonage from the early days of Christianity until 1951, when the benefice was abolished. The present church was built in 1894. It is octagonal, one of two such architectures in Iceland. The other one is the church at Silfrastadir in the Skagafjordur District.

One altarpiece, painted by the Danish artist Andreas Tåstrup in 1875, depicts the resurrection of Christ, while another, painted on wooden boards in catholic times, hangs on the side wall. The older bell has the old shape and chimes with a sad sound. The younger one dates back to 1755. It has the new shape and chimes very beautifully. On the sides the altar are two very elaborate candlesticks made of copper and between them an old one for three candles. An old messing baptismal bowl hangs on the wall. Its bottom is decorated with a peacock carrying a bay leaf in its beak (probably 16th century).

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Photo Credit: Sigurdur Jonsson

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