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Veidikortid Fishing card

Veidikortid – Fishing Card

Fishing card

Fishing card – Access to 36 lakes Around Iceland

“The Fishing card” – is a very economic choice for fishermen and travelers. With fishing card in your pocket you can fish almost as much as you like in over 36 lakes around Iceland.

Some lakes are open all year around, but most of those open on May 1st and close on September 30th.

When you buy Fishing card you receive a brochure, in Icelandic and basic information in English, with all information about the lakes, maps and information about how to get there.

Fishing card costs only 9.900 ISK buy now.

Fishing card around Iceland

Southwest Reykjavik area:
13. Kleifarvatn
18. Meðalfellsvatn
31. Vifilstadavatn
4. Ellidavatn

West Iceland:Fishing Card
2. Baularvallavatn
7. Haukadalsvatn
8. Hólmavatn
10. Hraunsfjardarvatn á Snaefellsnesi
11. Hraunsfjordur Lagoon
12. Hredavatn
15. Langavatn í Borgarfirdi
35. Hlidavatn í Hnappadal
Laxarvatn i Dolum

3. Berufjarðarvatn
20. Saudlauksdalsvatn
24. Sydridalsvatn við Bolungarvik
28. Vatnsdalsvatn í Vatnsfirði

North Iceland:
1. Arnarvatn/Melrakkaslettu
9. Hraunhafnarvatn
17. Ljosavatn
22. Slettuhlidarvatn
23. Svinavatn
34. Olvesvatn – Lake Area of Sela
33. Aedarvatn
29. Vestmannsvatn

East Iceland:
6. Haugatjarnir 
14. Kleifarvatn í Breiðadal
19. Mjoavatn
21. Skriduvatn
25. Saenautavatn á Jokulsdalsheidi
26. Urridavatn
32. Thveit

South Iceland:
27. Ulfljotsvatn
30. Thingvallavatn
5. Gislholtsvotn


Fishing Tackle Disinfection: Iceland has always been free of UDN and other freshwater diseases, and maintains a strict disinfection policy towards tackle brought by visiting anglers. Visitors can have their tackle disinfected by local vets, and obtain a certificate to prove the fact, before leaving for Iceland, or have their equipment disinfected by officials on arriving at Keflavik, Akureyri or at Egilsstadir airport.

Angling in Iceland

Veidikortid in Icelandic

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