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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.85622° N 22.0987° W

Lake Langavatn has an area of 5,1 km². It is located 215 m above sea level with an area of 5,1 km² and its greatest depth is 36 m. It was created by the lava dam, which closed the valley during a prehistoric eruption. On its southeastern side is a refuge hut. River Langavatnsa enters the northern part of the lake and river Beila from the southeast. Its discharge is river Langa and at its exit a dam was built to regulate the flow to enable salmon rearing in the river.

The lake over abounds in lake char. It usually weighs no more than a pound, but there are occasional larger ones in-between. Brown trout is mostly caught near the mouths of the rivers entering the lake. Lake Langavatn is popular among families because of its richness in fish and natural beauty.

Fishing Card:
Langavatn is located in Langidalur in Mýrasýslu, belonging to the Borgarbyggð county.

Distance from Reykjavík and the nearest township:
The distance from Reykjavik is roughly 100 km, through Hvalfjarðargöng (Hvalfjörður Tunnel) on Highway 1 through Borgarnes and Svignaskarð. From Svignaskarð one drives about 13 km on a road on the left bank of Gljúfurá River.

Fishing area:
No restrictions.
Camping is free of charge, however there are no toilets or any other hygiene facilities.
Fishing potential:
Langavatn harbours both char and brown trout, large and small. Fishing in nets is prohitibited to cardholders.
Daily opening hours:
Fishing is allowed from 07:00 to midnight
Season :
15th of June to 20th September.
Bait allowed: fly, worm and lure.
Best time of the year:
Late spring and early summer are the prime time.
Cardholders must carry the Veiðikortið and an appropriate ID on their person, ready for inspection at any time. Littering is strictly forbidden. Children under 14 are allowed for free, if accompanied by adult cardholders.
The catch must be announced to or at

Fishing card only costs 9.900 ISK.

Langavatn in Icelandic