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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.75622° N 22.0989° W

A rather large volume river just west of the Alfta. It is a pretty good river, last season saw 311 salmon and some 500 trout, both sea run and no migratory. The Hitara is very well known in Iceland for its astonishing lodge, perched on a cliff overlooking some of the hottest pools. It is an old building, a white stone castle with a living room that resembles more a lordly English manor house, full of antic furniture and Iceland’s largest collection of stuffed birds in private possession. It belonged to one Johannes Josefsson and contains all the Icelandic breeding birds of its time, including the sea eagle and snowy owl. Renovated in 1998. The Angling Club of Reykjavik manages the Hitara.

Hitara in Icelandic

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